Everyday at Excellent Rent Car we rent our cars to various expats and holidaymakers from every part of the Pakistan. In spite of their backgrouds, destinations and thought processes, we can distiguish a specific in car renting.

Throughout the year

Excellent rent a car has a variety of rental cars in different price ranges. Consistently, the most car rented are Land Cruiser, Prado, Coaster, High Roof, Honda Civic.
Why would that be the most rented?First of all, on the grounds that is valuable and also, in spite of the reduced size, it offers a lot of luxury and luggage space.

Most rented car among holidaymakers

During the holiday season, such as July and August and around Eid and Christmas until the first days in January, the rental cars of Excellent rent a car are mostly rented by holidaymakers. The vacationers mostly hire the Suzuki APV and Coaster are ideal for families and offer plenty of space for luggage.

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